Property can experience movement in its walls or floors for a variety of different reasons. Resulting in anything ranging from minor cosmetic cracking to more substantial movement that renders a building virtually derelict, this is an issue that needs looking at as early as possible.

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing building or other structure and may need to be utilised for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

Underpinning may be necessary for a variety of reasons:

  • To increase the strength and stability of the original foundation
  • The usage of the structure has changed.
  • The properties of the soil supporting the foundation may have changed.
  • The construction of nearby structures necessitates the excavation of soil supporting existing foundations.
  • To increase the depth or load capacity of existing foundations to support the addition of another storey to the building (above or below grade).

The basic principle behind many underpinning projects is to transfer the load of the problem building from the current unsuitable ground to a deeper level where ground of a suitable bearing capacity is found.

Foundation and Footing Projects Completed

Premier Builders also have a proven reputation for carrying out the construction of all types of footings and foundations both for clients in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Whether the works are for a residential housing extension or a brand new industrial init we understand that our clients need a professional finish to a project which is completed within the specified timescale and budget.

Building footings and foundations commercial development projects is one of our areas of expertise. We prepare house foundations for our own projects, or as a subcontractor for larger commercial projects.

Some of our work includes:

  • Levelling the ground
  • Setting out dimensions
  • Digging out and building the concrete foundation, including the base steelwork
  • Infill in preparation for floor slabs

Essential Components

Without the right type of foundations your building or development project can lead to instability or collapse. As such, the foundations of any building can quite rightly be considered to be the most important aspect of any building or development and at Premier Builders London, we treat them with the utmost care.

Foundations can be added in a variety of different types depending on weight of the building, the bearing capacity of the soil and weather conditions. Our team of ground workers have the ability to utilise a variety of foundations whether they are for new build homes, commercial or industrial developments.

Who Are We?

At Premier Builders, we undertake all types of commercial building contracts. With over 40 years combined experience in basement construction, ground works, structural steel works, brickwork, refurbishment & general building works.

We will manage your project from conception to completion with full project management of your building project. We have a fully qualified team of tradesman, who have the knowledge and experience to undertake any commercial contract.

Please call us on Tel. No 0208 641 7494 for further details.