Premier Builders offer a specialist structural work service to customers throughout the Surrey, London area. First established in 2000, our skilled and knowledgeable team has a combined 40 years experience in our industry and our expertise covers structural repairs to the fabric of all types of building: domestic, commercial, industrial & heritage.

We take a huge amount of pride in our ability to guide our clients through all aspects of the construction phase and our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality workmanship using the very latest techniques.

Why Might Your Building Need Structural Repair Work?

Regardless of whether you own a residential or commercial property, any unwanted movement in a building offers the ability to cause a great deal of distress and worry for property owners.

With factors including subsidence, physical disturbance and a failure of building materials to name just a few potential impacting the structural integrity of a property, any issues must be identified and addressed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Advances in Repair Techniques

The cause of cracks in brickwork and other masonry is typically split into the following 5 categories;

  • Foundation movement
  • Support structure deflection
  • Thermal movement and moisture uptake or loss
  • Failure under external loads.
  • Arch failure

However, with new repair technology and advances in application techniques becoming available all of the time, we are ideally positioned to provide our customers with highly effective solutions to tackle the problem.

Please Note – Only bricks which have been severely damaged should be cut out and replaced. Therefore, wherever possible, we will ensure that any replacement bricks should match the existing ones as closely as possible in size, colour, texture and durability, along with being laid in the same way.

Industry Experience

The Premier Builders team have completed a variety of projects over many years ranging from basic structural property repairs to complex, basement conversions to full renovation projects.

Our highly qualified team of expert builders and tradesmen deliver a superior standard of work for every job we undertake. If you have a construction project in the Surrey/London area and want it completed to standards which will surpass your expectations, we strongly believe that we are the right company for you.

For more information, please give us a call on Tel. No. 0208 641 7494